The AI Tutor With all the
Superpowers Educators Need
Tutoring and Marking Accelerated With
Artificial Intelligence
Experience Your New Superpower
Meet Walter, our AI tutor and virtual teaching assistant, that will help you do so much more.
We Know You Can’t Always Operate at 100%
#1 There’s too much to do
Teachers can spend up to 50% of their time on non-teaching activities. It’s no surprise that teachers often feel overworked and burnt out.
#2 It can be overwhelming to meet different student needs.
It’s hard to find enough time to give each student personalised feedback.
Every superhero needs a trusty sidekick. Every educator needs a Walter.
Walter is a platform that uses artificial intelligence for:
  • Contextualised AI tutoring
  • AI grading
  • Instant automation of learning quizzes, assessments and tutoring pathways
With Noodle Factory, you can now save over 400 hours a year!

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